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Q&A with Glen Barry, actor, #24hrdub 2015

Glen Barry answers the questions today. Glen is an ex-member of Dublin Youth Theatre so really gets why The 24 HOUR PLAYS are so worthwhile.

All I can say is that when I heard the words “as a Vampiric Monk” I did really think it’s a wonder any of these actor types are as sane as they just about are. Over to Glen.

Glen Barry
Glen Barry

Have you taken part in THE 24 HOUR PLAYS before?

No haven’t had the … pleasure?

What is the most memorable dramatic experience you have had, and why?

Most recently, It was on the set of Dracula Untold, standing in an abandoned quarry in Belfast dressed as a Vampiric Monk, waiting for my best friend Gary [who directed the film] to yell action so all the Vampires could run in and kill several hundred Turkish soldiers that lay in wait. I remember thinking to myself “This is mental”

When did you first know you wanted to be involved in the performing arts?

I started attending after school speech and Drama classes when I was ten. But really felt at home once I joined DYT at 16.

Who (living or dead) would you most like to work with?

There are too many Irish people that I would love to work with to name here. Many of them former DYTers like myself.

Two film directors that I would love to work with are Terrence Mailick and Shane Meadows.

Tell us a little about your next big project.

Currently working on a feature film script with my brother,

What are you anticipating the most about THE 24 HOUR PLAYS?

The moment when your handed your script.

Sum up your feelings about THE 24 HOUR PLAYS in five words or less!

A brave, crazy, artistic sprint.

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