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Q&A with Ste Murray, Actor, #24hrDub 2015

Ste Murray is a veritable renaissance man. Not only will he be treading the boards on February 1st he is also the designer responsible for this year’s look and feel. We love you, Ste!

Ste Murray
Ste Murray

Have you taken part in THE 24 HOUR PLAYS before?

No, I’m a first-timer! Go easy on me!

What is the most memorable dramatic experience you have had, and why?

While in UCD Dramsoc, I was fortunate enough to perform in ‘Terminus’ by Mark O’Rowe as part of the Irish Student Drama Association festival in Cork. The Granary Theatre was absolutely packed and its intimacy was ideal for the approach we had with the piece. You get one shot in these competitions, and we were buzzing afterwards.

When did you first know you wanted to be involved in the performing arts?

When I was in school, I used to do impressions of the teachers to my classmates…it was my way of making people think I was cool…and a massive rebel, clearly.
I didn’t think much of that back then, but maybe it was the start of something…

Who (living or dead) would you most like to work with?

I love the site-specific work that the likes of Blast Theory and Anu Productions make. Its lures you in and engages you.
There’s a really fantastic gang of writers, directors and actors I admire involved with the 24 Hour Plays this year; I’m really looking forward to who I’ll be sharing the stage with.

Tell us a little about your next big project.

A week or so after the Abbey, I’ll be out to my hometown Tallaght, in a production of ‘Cornerstones’ in the Civic Theatre with Runcible Spoon Theatre Company.
After that, its all about a work-in-progress piece called ‘Panned’ by WeGetHighOnThis and Caitriona Daly, directed by Eoghan Carrick. It’s a really interesting one-man show as part the wonderful Collaborations festival in Smock Alley Theatre at the end of February.

What are you anticipating the most about THE 24 HOUR PLAYS?

That stage; stepping into history, the energy from the crowd, the banter from fellow cast & crew, the sheer bravery of it all, and the worthy cause, of course.

Sum up your feelings about THE 24 HOUR PLAYS in five words or less!

This. Is. Going. To. Rock.

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