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Q&A with Anthony Delaney, actor #24hrDub 2015

Next out of the traps in our series of intimate interviews with the creative team is Anthony Delaney

So what really makes him tick…?

Anthony Delaney
Anthony Delaney

Have you taken part in THE 24 HOUR PLAYS before?

First time for me.

What is the most memorable dramatic experience you have had, and why?

Probably reading the script for The Kingdom by Colin Teevan for the first time. I was blown away by it and knew had I to do it; Which I did when it premiered a couple of years ago in London.

When did you first know you wanted to be involved in the performing arts?

When I was 8. I told Mrs Keane, my teacher, I wanted to be an actor. She put me standing at the front of the class and sent for the Headmaster.


Who (living or dead) would you most like to work with?

Well, apart from everyone involved in 24 HOUR PLAYS, obviously, I’d like to work with anyone who has ready access to pizza and doughnuts, as I love both pizza and doughnuts.  [Editor: I’ve a kitchen that needs a good scrub that is also stocked with pizza and doughnuts. No? Okay.]

Tell us a little about your next big project.

I’m excited for the second series of Penny Dreadful in which I make an appearance. Keep an eye out for that on Sky Atlantic.

What are you anticipating the most about THE 24 HOUR PLAYS?

As I work mostly in London I’m just looking forward to getting to know people in Dublin and having a laugh really. What I am absolutely NOT terrified by, in any way, is forgetting lines on the night. That’s never even crossed my mind. Not once. Maybe once, but honestly, that was it.

Sum up your feelings about THE 24 HOUR PLAYS in five words or less! 

It’s four weeks rehearsal, right?

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