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Q&A with Jonathan White, actor, #24hrDub 2015

Next in our series is Jonathan White who I’ve filed as a total name dropper: Bosco, like?! Speaking of… I wonder what s/he’s up to next February…  Back to Jonathan who blames credits a childhood friend for getting him hooked on theatre.

Jonathan White
Jonathan White

Have you taken part in THE 24 HOUR PLAYS before?

This is my first time.

What is the most memorable dramatic experience you have had, and why?

I was once bitten in the neck by a monkey. On Bosco.

When did you first know you wanted to be involved in the performing arts?

At the age of 12, living in New York, I made a new friend. Niall Tobin’s son, Seán. As a result, I got to hang around backstage at the Broadway production of Borstal Boy. Seeing how the illusions were created to tell the story and seeing the effect it had on an audience sowed the seed. And eight years later, I made my professional debut. In Borstal Boy. With Niall Tobin.

Who (living or dead) would you most like to work with?

I would love to appear in one of Tom Murphy’s plays, preferably with Tom there to give me notes.

Tell us a little about your next big project.

I thought this was my next big project …

What are you anticipating the most about THE 24 HOUR PLAYS?

The fact that any dropped lines will be put down to the very brief preparation time rather than Seniority.

Sum up your feelings about THE 24 HOUR PLAYS in five words or less!

Fun And Fear With Friends

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