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Joanne McNally is hoping for a #24HrDub period play

Joanne McNally is hoping for a period costume drama to stretch her acting muscles during The 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin Youth Theatre supported by BNP Paribas Real Estate. I can tell you for free that our intrepid costume designers are praying that this year ALL the plays will have a naturist theme.

 Joanne has her own page on Facebook so if you just can’t get enough of her go on over there and give it a Like.

Introduce yourself please. You can even describe yourself as if you are being introduced as a guest facilitator at a DYT workshop.jmcnally

Joanne began her comedy career last year and has already been on two national tours, headlined her own show ‘Separated at Birth’ with PJ Gallagher, performed at all the major festivals, including the Vodafone Comedy Festival, Kilkenny Cat Laughs, the Galway Comedy Festival, Body and Soul and Indiependence, been nominated for comedian of the year, has her own agony aunt segment on 2FM, written regularly for the Irish Independent and the Irish Times magazine, appeared all over the box including The Late Late Show, RTE1’s The Afternoon Show, TV3’s The 7 O Clock Show, and is now the brand new co-host of RTE2’s Republic of Telly. Joanne lives in her mother’s attic. Joanne’s mother is planning to have her smoked out of it.

Have you participated in The 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin Youth Theatre before? If yes what is your fondest/ most nightmare causing memories? If no what are you looking forward to/ terrified of?

I’ve always loved period dramas and now I get to perform in the Abbey in a modern day corset (spanx).

If you could give your teenage self a piece of advice what would it be?

Gelling your fringe to your forehead does not make you look like Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez and don’t turn up to Jamie Dylan’s house uninvited, it will not end well.

What theatrical experience has had the biggest impact on you?

Singlehood. Director Una McKevitt cast me in it and then encouraged me / bullied me into pursuing acting and writing full time, so I guess Una is my most impactful theatrical experience to date.

Describe the craziest costume you have ever worn. 

I was once painted bright green and dressed up as a human emoji con for Republic of Telly. I was worried I’d die of lead poisoning like the witch from the Wizard of Oz. They were worried I wouldn’t.

Don’t miss Joanne McNally’s contribution to The 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin supported by BNP Paribas Real Estate. Book your ticket now and see you on January 31 in the Abbey Theatre.

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