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Selina Cartmell is looking forward to terrified laughter. Whose? I’m not sure.

Selina Cartmell , who likes a curly wurly, is currently Artistic Director of the multi-award winning company Siren Productions based in Dublin. She is one of our six directors this year.  In her Q&A below she extols the virtues of  animals’ and children’s purity and energy. She hasn’t met my kids. Or Eva C. Scanlan’s cat.

Introduce yourself please. You can even describe yourself as your favourite teacher might if asked today what you were like in school if you are feeling nostalgic.

scartmellsmallA passionate crazy girl who likes a curly wurly.

Have you participated in The 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin Youth Theatre before? If yes what is your fondest/ most nightmare causing memories? If no what are you looking forward to/ terrified of?

No but have always wanted to participate. Looking forward to being part of the team, laughing and of course having a terrifying experience!

If you took a notion to write a play what element would you definitely include and why?

Would probably have to involve a penguin, a spaceship and William Shakespeare. My favourite stage direction is Samuel Beckett’s – ‘The door is imperceptibly ajar’.

The 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin Youth Theatre are now in their fifth year. Five years ago today what were you working on? Tell us what the highlight of that was.

Directing MEDEA for Siren Productions at the Samuel Beckett Theatre as part of the Fringe Festival. The highlight was working with such a great company of artists both on and off stage.

Have you worked with children or animals? How did that work out for ya?

Both. I love that children and animals are so unpredictable but they never censor and edit themselves so they both have a a purity and energy which is infectious and awe-inspriring.

Don’t miss Selina’s contribution to The 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin supported by BNP Paribas.Book your ticket now and see you on January 31 in the Abbey Theatre.

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