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Claudia Carroll, #24HrDub actor, only here because of Clelia

Claudia Carrol, Actor
Claudia Carroll, Actor

“If my my granny were still around, she’d probably describe me as ‘a grand young one. Although she’s getting on a bit now. And she doesn’t go to Mass as often as she should. Now stop asking questions and go and make me a nice mug of Complan. It’s nearly time for the Angelus.” This is my introduction to Claudia Carroll, who every so often graces our TV screens as Fair City’s Nicola Prendergast and who also works as an author – her 14th novel hits the shelves this March.  She is joining the creative team of The 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin Youth Theatre supported by BNP Paribas Real Estate as an actor. I gather it was her former colleague Clelia Murphy who “persuaded” her to join in!

You can find Claudia on Twitter and on Facebook.

We asked Claudia had she been part of #24HrDub before? “No, I’m a 24-hour newbie, so you all have to be nice to me. And I’m only here because Clelia Murphy talked me into it. Note to self; do not allow yourself get talked into things by Clelia after 2 glasses of Pinot Grigio.” Oh there’s many an actor/ writer/ director who can blame drink when they found themselves standing up in The Fringe Festival HQ on a cold Saturday evening in January saying, “My name is _______ and I’m an actor” and staring down the barrel of The 24 Hour Plays: Dublin. It is for a great cause though and allows Dublin Youth Theatre to continue offering young people in Dublin a safe space to create artistic experiences.

Thinking about creative young people we wondered what teenage Claudia would make of Adult Claudia? What would surprise her? “That I haven’t really changed at all from when I was 16. Which is a bit tragic really, when you think about it. I’m still waiting on proper grown up adulthood to kick in. Which I’m sure it will anyday now.” Please don’t let good sense kick in before Saturday evening/ Sunday morning!

While in a contemplative mood we asked Claudia if she could change one thing about theatre in Ireland what would it be? “More jobs for the girls please. Allow me to repeat that in bold capitals; MORE JOBS FOR THE GIRLS. ” We happily reproduce those bold capitals here.

To wrap it up we wondered (although we kinda suspected the answer) whether Claudia prefers sci-fi or period. Without hesitation she replied, “Period, always. Gimme a good, corset-y, bonnet-y drama any day.” Let’s hope somebody rocks up with a bonnet or a corset on Saturday evening! (Would you like to see what happens on Saturday? Join us on Snapchat to get an insight. We’re the24hrplaysdub.)

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