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Karl Quinn, #24HrDub actor, bringing fearless to the table. Don’t mention spiders.

Next in line for the #24HrDub grilling is Karl Quinn. According to his professional profile he is an advanced scuba

Karl Quinn, Actor
Karl Quinn, Actor

diver. I know our producer, Eva C. Scanlan, will be praying that skill won’t be put to the test next Sunday. I reckon he’s angling for a role in a James Bond movie!

To ease ourselves into it we asked Karl to describe himself, “Actor, theatre maker, husband, father, dog lover, messer, activist, fearless and full of fear, sometimes happy sometimes sad.” Forget about actor and theatre maker, the fearless bit is what got him into the creative team for The 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin Youth Theatre supported by BNP Paribas Real Estate.

We asked Karl what is most appealing to him about The 24 Hour Plays: Dublin. He replied, “I look forward to working with such a talented bunch of artists…terrified of working with such a talented bunch of artists…..and a giant spiders dropping on my head during an emotional moment.” Hopefully the emotion will distract him from the notoriously friendly spiders of The Abbey Theatre.

Speaking of emotion we asked Karl what advice he would give his teenage self? Without batting an eyelid, he said, “More kissing….lots more kissing” At first I thought this was the response to my question about what theatrical experience had the most impact on him! However he took this very seriously (maybe the kissing advice was serious too…!) and replied, “Performing Shakespeare for 5th year student in a classroom with no set, lights, sound effects, just the words and our shared humanity.”

Finally we are surprised that his response to our last question about his craziest costume wasn’t the theatrical experience that had the most impact on him! He told us the craziest costume (or lack thereof!) was “A guitar, black shoes, a hat and nothing else!” Yikes!

The 24 Hour Plays;Dublin 2017 are sold out. DM us on Twitter or Facebook to be added to a waiting list. If you have a ticket and can’t make it please DM us on Twitter or Facebook to let us know so we can allocate your seat.

If you can’t make it you can make a donation directly to Dublin Youth Theatre. Thanks!

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