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Sinead Aideen Maria (yes she was obsessed with Sound of Music) Moriarty

Sinead Moriarty, playwright #24HrDub, 2018
Sinead Moriarty, playwright #24HrDub, 2018

Our first writer profile this year and we discover that we are being used in a weird New-Year’s-Resolution-in-December-Experiment. Sinead Moriarty is the author of 12 books published by Penguin. To date, her books have been translated into 25 languages. She has just finished her 13th novel and is delighted to be taking a break from novels and trying her hand at playwriting. This is where The 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin Youth Theatre comes in. Well you know what they say what doesn’t kill ye, makes ye stronger…

And if that’s not enough she also writes a weekly column for the Irish Independent on subjects ranging from childhood obesity to why men think they are better dishwasher stackers.

Introduce yourself please. If you are feeling nostalgic you can even describe yourself as your favourite teacher might if asked today what you were like in school.

My friends always ask me to email not phone as – ‘you’re funny in writing but not so funny when you’re talking”. I have considered pretending to be mute but I actually like talking and I tend to ask a lot of questions. I’m curious about pretty much everything. I think people are fascinating and everyone has a story to tell – you just have to look beyond the facade and dig a bit deeper.

Have you participated in The 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin Youth Theatre before? If yes what is your fondest/ most nightmare causing memories? If no what are you looking forward to/ terrified of?

I have only ever been an audience member. I am terrified of falling flat on my face but my new year resolution is to throw myself into situations that challenge (aka terrify) me….so here I go!

If you took a notion to write a play what element would you definitely include and why?

It would be modern, set in the now and I’d have to add in my favourite movie line by Bette Davis – “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

Dublin Youth Theatre was 40 years old in 2018. When you think about being 40 what do you hope you have achieved? Or if, like me, you are past that supposedly significant birthday what is the most important life lesson you have learned on your way to today?

I’m past 40 and I always thought when I reached that landmark birthday that I’d magically have beautiful handwriting ( I write like someone with a prosthetic arm) and that I would be glued to Newsnight. I still have appalling handwriting and I have been known to watch The Kardashians.

Have you worked with children or animals? How did that work out for ya?

I have worked with children and one of them gave me lice….enough said!

You can find out more about Sinead online at or find her on Facebook.

See you at The 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin Youth Theatre supported by BNP Paribas Real Estate. Tickets available online or call Abbey Theatre Box Office on  (01) 87 87 222.