#24HrDub veteran Finbarr Doyle warns us that the Abbey Stage is Tardis-like: bigger when you’re on it.

Finbarr Doyle is an actor, writer, and co-founder of Sickle Moon Productions. He is delighted to appear in the 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin Youth THeatre supported by BNP Paribas Real Estate for the second time.

Finbarr Doyle, actor
Finbarr Doyle, actor

Recent theatre includes : Summertime (Dublin Fringe 2018 Best Duo nominee), TRYST (Project Arts Centre, The Civic Studio), The Grimm Tale of Cinderella (Smock Alley), We Are The Monsters (Stoker Fest 2017), Birdy (The Peacock, Best Ensemble Winner Fringe 2017), The Rivals (Smock Alley) and Cirque Des Reves (Bewley’s Café Theatre).

Writing includes: A Play For Ireland (Fishamble), Home Theatre Ireland (Draíocht, Dublin Theatre Fest 2018), TRYST (Nominee Fishamble Best New Writing 2016), Chimneys (Louis LePrince Nominee, LIFF 2013 ).

You can find out more online about his theatre company at You can follow him on the Twitter at @fdoyle and the company at @sicklemoonpro.

Introduce yourself please. You can even describe yourself as your granny would.

Actor. Writer. Hat-wearer. Occasional tour guide. One-time law student.

Have you participated in The 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin Youth Theatre before? If yes what is your fondest/ most nightmare causing memories? If no what are you looking forward to/ terrified of?

Yes! Best memory was walking out on the Abbey stage for the first time, and thinking that the wonderful Claudia Carroll seemed very far away all of a sudden. Thankfully I half-ran, half-walked over in record time and all went well!

When you think back to yourself as a teenager what change in yourself has been most surprising to you as an adult?

When I was a teenager I didn’t really expect to still be playing dress-up for a living as an adult.

If you could change one thing about theatre in Ireland what would it be? Woah! #Deep

Champion the Good People. Don’t reward or engage with bullies.

Comedy or Tragedy? Why?

Comedy gradually revealed as Tragedy. Makes you laugh, makes you cry. Makes you think, makes you feel. That’s what it’s all about.

If you fancy a bit of thinking and feeling (hmm that’s not quite right…) get yourself along to The Abbey Theatre website, book a ticket and join us for the 8th Annual 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin Youth Theatre supported by BNP Paribas Real Estate.